2 Things To Know About Commercial Litigation


If one of your company's vendors is trying to bill you for charges you do not feel you owe, it could turn into a huge problem. If you cannot resolve this issue with your vendor, you may need to hire a lawyer to assist you through a process known as commercial litigation. Commercial litigation is often used for settling problems like this and many other types of issues. Here are two things that you should be aware of during the process of commercial litigation.

23 July 2015

3 Avoidable Reasons for a Car Accident


In 2013, over 30,000 people died in automobile accidents in the United States. The statistical trend could indicate an increase in the number of deaths as the number of miles driven increases. If you drive often, you may find yourself in an automotive accident at some point. Here are a few avoidable reasons that a car crash could occur: Tired Drivers A2005 study indicated that about 60 out of 100 adults who drive had driven while feeling sleepy in the previous 12 months.

13 July 2015

Getting Through The Delays And Denials Of A VA Claim


Being injured in the military is not always easily taken care of. Unless you were given a medical discharge with a large stack of official paperwork, a lot of the injuries sustained during military service may require a long effort of gathering evidence and arguing your case. If you've been dealing with denials or have suffered because of the long wait times at Veterans Affairs facilities around the country, consider a few ways that dedicated information gathering and legal assistance can help your claim succeed faster.

1 July 2015

How To Be A Smart Host Of A Large Wedding Reception At Your Place


Hosting a large wedding reception is a big responsibility that has legal ramifications if you don't manage it well. Here are some things you should consider when planning and hosting your gathering. 1. Consider the Guest List. You might want to have an open invitation event, but having a closed invite gathering would be more manageable. As you plan the number of invitees, you will want to think about the support you can enlist to keep things from getting out of control or to handle an emergency situation.

26 June 2015

Is Your Ex Behind On Child Support? Here Are Some Ways Your Attorney Can Help You


In the ideal world, non-custodial parents would be up-to-date on their child support payments, but unfortunately, that's not the reality for many single, custodial parents. If your ex is behind on child support payments, here's how a family law attorney can help you. Be Proactive In Your Child Support Agreement Whether your ex likes it or not, they have a financial responsibility to provide for their child. If you know that your ex will give you issues when it comes to staying up-to-date on child support, you should talk with your attorney about how to address this in the child support agreement.

30 May 2015

Bills And Probate: A Helpful Guide


After a loved one has died, the property of the deceased goes through a legal process called probate. You may have heard of various methods for "avoiding" probate, but in most cases there will still be a need for probate. Many methods for keeping property out of probate exists, such as trusts, gifts and payable-on-death account designations. Taking advantage of these methods can reduce probate, but there will still likely be a need to file papers with the court.

19 May 2015

5 Tips For Dealing With A DUI


Getting arrested and charged with a DUI is not something that anyone plans for. A DUI is a serious conviction, and many states issue harsh punishments for those who drink and drive. If you have been arrested for a DUI, use the following tips to best deal with the problem: Immediately Consult a Lawyer If you have been arrested for a DUI, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to represent you in court.

20 April 2015