What To Expect From An Online Disability Hearing


While SSDI hearings have traditionally been held in person, it's becoming more common to have hearings online for various reasons. If you will be having a hearing online, this needs to be taken just as seriously as a hearing in person and you may need an SSDI attorney to help you maximize your chances of making a good impression.

What to Expect With an Online Hearing

Many of the same procedures that are found in an in-person hearing are found in online hearings. For example, everyone will need to be sworn in. However, there are some advantages with an online hearing. For example, a participant that needs to attend the hearing from halfway across the country will have an easier time doing so.

Rehearse With Your Attorney

If you are not familiar with the technology that will be used during the courtroom, practice with your attorney. Basically, the camera will be rolling and you will simply speak like you would in a normal courtroom. 

You will also need to gather together evidence to prove why you should be entitled to SSDI benefits and the evidence must be submitted to the hearing office by mail or fax machine. Working with a representative is especially recommended because they will know the proper procedure for submitting evidence.

Your Right to Representation

You are not required to have a disability attorney at your hearing, but the SSA will work with your attorney in the same way that they will work with you. The SSA will often feel that they must do more work to prepare you for the hearing if you are only representing yourself and the hearing is less likely to end up in your favor.

What to Expect from the Hearing

Once the hearing has been scheduled, you will need to attend the online hearing or give a reason in writing for why you are not able to attend. If the administrative law judge believes you have a good reason to miss the hearing, you will be allowed to reschedule it. 

After you are sworn in, you will ask any questions you have if necessary. The administrative law judge will explain any issues with your case and will ask questions of you and your witnesses who are brought to the hearing. A medical expert might be asked to testify on your behalf. Based on the fact presented at the hearing, you may be able to have your disability benefits approved.

For more information, contact a disability attorney in your area.


20 October 2021

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