3 Valuable Pieces Of Evidence That Can Help Prove Your Personal Injury Case


After you're involved in a severe accident, you'll most likely rely on compensation from the at-fault party insurance company to provide financial relief, repair your damaged property, and pay for medical expenses. However, there's no guarantee that you'll receive compensation even if you decide to file a claim with your insurance company or a lawsuit against the negligent party, especially without a personal injury law attorney. 

The outcome of your personal injury case will depend on the strength of the evidence that supports your claim. By seeking the assistance of personal injury lawyers to help you document and preserve your evidence, you stand a better chance at a successful resolution. Here are a few crucial pieces of evidence that your attorney can use to help maximize your compensation.

1. Job-related records indicating loss of income

In most serious personal injury cases, you're likely to lose your income because you're forced to take a low-paying job or you missed work. So if you have injuries that have resulted in the loss of your income, you can receive compensation for your lost wages. Your personal injury attorney can request your employer to provide your pay rate and the number of days you have missed work in writing. Still, they may request that your doctor provide a note, indicating whether you have injuries that prevent you from working and the number of days you should be out of work. Your proof of earning before the accident is also valuable evidence as it indicates the income you've lost because of your injuries. 

2. Evidence of personal injury at the scene of the accident

Gathering evidence at the accident scene requires you to be calm and collected because it involves filing police reports and taking photographs. If you ignore such considerations, you'll find it challenging to gather evidence. If possible, ensure that you take a photograph of the scene of your accident with a smartphone. For instance, a restaurant with a puddle of water on the floor indicates negligence by the management. Remember that most photographs often have timestamps that show when you took them, and your personal injury law firm can use this to show when the accident happened.

3. Testimonies from witnesses

If there were witnesses present during the accident, your personal injury lawyers could use their testimonies as evidence. An in-person testimony, text message, or video statement are admissible statements that can help prove your case. Your witnesses must record their statements immediately after the accident occurs. This way, they can easily recall the accident's details, and their memory won't be put into question.

When you suffer personal injuries, gathering evidence to prove your case is essential to ensure maximum compensation. With the help of a personal injury law attorney, you'll take the right approaches to collect valuable evidence to build a strong case.  


2 September 2021

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