3 Questions A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Ask You When Filing An Injury Case


Filing a personal injury case is perhaps one of the hardest things you can do. The process can be intimidating, so you must seek legal help. In this case, a personal injury lawyer is the best person to talk to because they will help you file your claim. However, the lawyer will not want to do it blindly; they may want to get some information from you to know how to handle the process. They will ask you a few questions just to understand how challenging your situation could be. Here are some of the questions the lawyer will ask you before they proceed with the filing process.

Are You Partially Responsible for the Accident?

Most accident victims blame the other party for their misfortunes, but this doesn't mean they are always innocent. You could sometimes also contribute to the accident directly or indirectly. For this reason, the personal injury lawyer may not want to take things for granted because anything is possible. That's why they will ask you whether you are in any way to blame for the injuries you sustained or the damages your car experienced. You should always be honest with them because they use what you tell them to frame your case. Being dishonest with them will only complicate your case.

Who Did You Talk to at the Scene?

Most people get nervous when injured and end up doing things they shouldn't do. For instance, they get tempted to talk to anyone they come across, thinking they will somehow help them. Unfortunately, it's not the right thing to do because you could talk to people like the insurance adjuster and tell them what they shouldn't know. So your lawyer may want to know if you talked to any of them to devise strategies to help them win your case. If you talked to some witnesses, the lawyer might want to know what they told you and if they are willing to share their version of the accident.

Did You Seek Medical Attention?

If you were injured, you should definitely seek treatment immediately. Usually, you need medical reports and doctor's notes to support your settlement case. Failure to seek medication in good time weakens your case and deteriorates your health. For this reason, your personal injury lawyer will ask you when you sought medication and the name of the doctor that treated you. They will want to know the costs incurred during treatment and the records serving as evidence. Remember that your medical bills help calculate the amount of settlement you should get. 

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30 November 2022

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