Issues That Might Be Challenging To Navigate Without Legal Help When Dissolving A Marriage


The marriage dissolution process can be better streamlined if you and your partner agree to work together toward finalizing your divorce. If this is the case, you can agree on different divorce issues with your partner even without working with an attorney. However, certain issues may arise during the divorce, and you will likely need legal help to navigate them. You may therefore consider hiring a divorce lawyer to assist you and enable you to have a favorable outcome. Legal help might be especially necessary when dealing with the following issues: 

Children's Care and Support

Children's issues can be challenging to agree on, especially when determining which parent they will live with. It might also be difficult to agree on the account of financial support the noncustodial parent will provide to support the kids. These issues can prolong the divorce process and make you spend more money. The resultant disagreements might also further damage your relationship, making it difficult to co-parent after dissolving your marriage. This is why it is advisable to contact an attorney as soon as differences emerge when discussing children's issues. They'll assist you in creating a co-parenting plan and child support plan tailored to your situation.

Domestic Violence

Individuals react differently once they realize that their spouse plans to divorce them. Some become violent and abusive, making it impossible to agree on divorce aspects with their partner. Besides this, an abusive partner can put your life and that of your kids in danger during and after the divorce. However, you can protect yourself and your children from an abusive partner by getting a court order. It will bar them from coming near you or the kids, which prevents them from visiting or contacting you at your house, place of work, school, etc. Your lawyer will also bring up the issue of your partner's behavior in court to convince the judge that the abusive parent shouldn't get custody. This may enable you to get full custody of your kids.

High-Value Assets

Divorcing a partner with a high net worth is generally complicated because it requires the division of assets. In such a case, the lawyer will get financial experts to value your partner's assets and devise a plan for dividing them. They will also determine the child support and spousal payments that your partner should pay depending on their finances and earnings. This will help ensure a fair division of property and allocation of childcare responsibilities after divorce.

Your marriage dissolution may be daunting, particularly if the issues above arise during the process. As such, you need to contact a divorce lawyer to help you navigate through the process and provide solutions for each problem. This way, you can have a less vicious process and get a favorable outcome after dissolving your marriage.

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31 October 2022

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