4 Essential Services Of A Car Accident Lawyer


Drivers who are injured on the road need a reliable car accident lawyer they can turn to. It's easy for drivers who have never worked with a car accident attorney to underestimate how helpful an attorney can be for their case.

Car accident lawyers are personal injury lawyers who focus on cases involving auto accidents. This guide will explain four essential services of a car accident lawyer to show how an attorney can help you after an accident.

1. Providing Experienced Legal Counsel

Personal injury cases immediately become more complicated when a car accident is involved. You will need to communicate with police and witnesses at the scene of the accident. You will likely have several conversations with insurance adjusters, and the things you say can harm or help your case.

An experienced car accident lawyer will be very familiar with navigating the legal landscape after a car accident. Your attorney can handle negotiation with insurance adjusters for you and help you receive a better offer for your claim. Experienced attorneys can give an accurate estimate of the value of your case based on similar cases they have worked on previously.

2. Collecting Relevant Documentation

The list of documents to collect for a personal injury claim after a car accident is long. Your attorney will need a copy of the police report from the accident, as well as any photos you may have from the scene. You should also share contact information for the other driver and any witnesses, as well as medical records for any treatment you received after the accident.

These documents are vital evidence to support your claim that the accident caused significant losses and that the other driver was at fault. For example, your injuries may be perceived as less serious if you don't have medical records to show that you sought treatment promptly.

3. Itemizing Losses to Maximize Compensation

There are very specific requirements for damages or losses after a car accident. An attorney can help you itemize the losses from your accident so that you have a solid case to demand compensation. Damages after a car accident may include medical bills, loss of income, and physical, mental, or emotional trauma.

A car accident lawyer will craft a demand letter for you detailing the amounts of your losses related to the accident. The demand letter makes the case to the insurance company that you are owed compensation for your injuries. In the U.S., $19,000 is the average amount of compensation that claimants receive for personal injury car accident cases.

4. Filing a Petition or Appeal

In the event that your car accident personal injury claim reaches the trial phase and is not ruled in your favor, you will need to file an appeal. Fortunately, car accident lawyers can assist you with this process as well.

There are two primary types of appeals after a personal injury claim. The first option is to request a review of your case from a higher court. Your attorney can support your appeal and help you convince the higher court that the original ruling was in error.

Another type of appeal is requesting a new trial from the same court that presided over your case. In most states, you can only submit a motion for a new trial under certain conditions, such as misconduct from the other party or the acquisition of new evidence that is relevant to your case.

Working with a car accident lawyer is critical when you file a personal injury claim after a car accident. Contact a local firm to discover more about the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


29 November 2021

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