3 Great Advantages Of Utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution As Opposed To Going To Court


If you've found yourself in a legal dispute with another party, you don't always have to hash it out in court. A better solution may be alternative dispute resolution. This type of legal process comes with the following advantages. 

Save Money

If your dispute with another party ends up in court, you may spend a lot of money on legal fees. After all, the legal system isn't always that efficient. The discovery process, for example, can take months. Then, you have to hear both accounts and deal with a jury. All of these costs can rack up and put you in financial trouble pretty quickly.

A better solution from a financial standpoint is alternative dispute resolution. It can help you avoid court altogether. ADR is much more streamlined and helps get both parties in agreement as far as a solution. Both you and the other party can thus avoid heated negotiations and save a bunch of money. 

Completely Confidential

If you have an important position at work or you're dealing with a very sensitive legal situation, you probably don't want the case becoming public record. Such a situation could ruin your reputation for the foreseeable future. In this case, ADR would be the best process to take advantage of.

The reason for this is that ADR is completely confidential. What happens during these legal discussions will not go on the public record. You thus can rest assured your reputation will be safe. This legal situation will not become a black cloud that hangs over everything you do moving forward. 

Guaranteed Neutrality 

Working out a legal agreement in court can be nearly impossible. The opposing attorney represents the other party -- after all -- and will do what's in their best interest. You don't have to worry about dealing with an opposing attorney when you take advantage of ADR.

The professional conducting this entire process will be neutral. You won't receive unfair counsel and neither will the other party. Sometimes it's only when a neutral party gets involved when legal situations can be resolved in a civil and effective manner. As a result, everyone can walk away feeling like the situation was handled appropriately.

At some point, you may face a legal dilemma with another person. Instead of taking them to court and dealing with all sorts of stress, consider alternative dispute resolution. It's an effective process that comes with all sorts of benefits, from saving you money on legal fees to helping you move on quickly. 


28 June 2019

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