3 Reasons Why A Reckless Driving Ticket Should Be Taken More Seriously Than A Speeding Ticket


The various types of tickets that you can be cited for when driving might all seem like they're more of an annoyance and a cost than something that you should take really seriously. If you have recently been pulled over and given a ticket for reckless driving, you might be thinking about it much like you would a speeding ticket. However, reckless driving is something that you should take a lot more seriously than your average speeding ticket.

1. It Might Actually Be a Criminal Charge

Getting pulled over doesn't always mean that you will be charged with a citation. Just as drinking and driving is generally a misdemeanor and sometimes a felony charge, reckless driving is often more than just a regular citation, too. You could actually be facing a misdemeanor conviction right now without even realizing it. Even though misdemeanors aren't as serious as felonies, being convicted of reckless driving could ruin your otherwise spotless criminal record and could, therefore, affect things like finding a rental or getting a job.

2. It Indicates Dangerous Driving Habits

Of course, law enforcement officers don't just pull people over for reckless driving so that the government can make money. They also do so to help bring it to your attention that what you are doing is dangerous. It's important to take a good, honest look at yourself and your driving habits if you have been pulled over for reckless driving. Speeding is dangerous, too, but reckless driving indicates dangerous driving habits that could put you and others at serious risk of getting hurt in a car accident, so taking your ticket seriously and making changes to the way that you drive is important.

3. It Can Result in Surprisingly Serious Consequences

When you think about driving-related charges that can result in serious consequences, you might think about things like drinking and driving or driving without a license. However, the consequences of a reckless driving ticket can be surprisingly harsh, too. You won't usually lose your license for a speeding ticket, for example, but you could potentially lose your license if you're found guilty of reckless driving.

The fees and fines for reckless driving are often much higher than for speeding tickets and other basic traffic violations, too. You could be facing more serious consequences than you think, depending on your driving record and the reckless driving laws in your state, but a lawyer can advise you about these potential consequences and can help you.

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2 September 2018

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