When Your Boss Was A Bully


If you have ever worked for a bully, you know how demeaning and frustrating that experience can be. Then, after dealing with unfair treatment for months, if not years, your boss fired you. If you feel that your firing was unfair, consult with a lawyer about suing your former employer. If you are patient and determined, you can win if the proof is on your side.

Temporal Proximity

One way to prove you were unfairly fired is to prove temporal proximity. In other words, if you complained about your boss's bullying behavior in the period immediately before you were fired, many courts will find the timeline proof for your claim. Maybe your boss made an inappropriate sexual comment or took some other action you felt to be wrong. If you spoke up and then were fired shortly thereafter, you have some powerful evidence for a judge.

A Thick File

You may think a thick employee file filled with complaints would work against you, but that's not always true. In fact, if your file contains a stream of positive job performances dated before your bully boss took over, it will make the dozens of recent negative reports look suspicious. Chances are that you were doing the same excellent job as before and that the problem was the new supervisor. Also, a boss who catalogs every little complaint just proves that they have it "out" for you.

Arbitrary Firing

If your employer fired you without notice or explanation, you may be able to sue them, even in "at will" states. "At will" seemingly means that an employer needs no reason to fire you, but most businesses have a handbook that explains the hiring and termination process. Many courts will see these procedures as an implied contract unless the handbook specifies that you can be abruptly terminated. Also, the court will take into account the work relationship you've established with the company. If you were recently promoted, for instance, that act implies that the company planned to keep you for the foreseeable future. Also, all employees are protected by federal laws. You cannot be fired due to your race, gender, religion, disability, etc.

If you feel that you were unfairly fired, you do not have to go gently into the unemployment line. You should consult with an experienced employment or personal injury lawyer like those at GSJones Law Group, P.S. Bring any documentation that you have and explore your options. You may be able to hold your former boss accountable for their bullying behavior.


27 June 2016

Meeting With Legal Counsel

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