2 Things To Know About Commercial Litigation


If one of your company's vendors is trying to bill you for charges you do not feel you owe, it could turn into a huge problem. If you cannot resolve this issue with your vendor, you may need to hire a lawyer to assist you through a process known as commercial litigation. Commercial litigation is often used for settling problems like this and many other types of issues. Here are two things that you should be aware of during the process of commercial litigation.

The Purpose

Commercial litigation is designed to settle problems without going to court. Both parties involved must hire lawyers, and the goal is to come up with an agreement outside of court. Handling problems with this method is the preferred option for these three reasons:

  1. It's cheaper – Anytime a case goes to court, it will cost more money. Using commercial litigation is the cost-effective way to settle disputes.
  2. Less publicity – When cases go to court, they become public knowledge. Any type of court publicity can have negative effects on a company.
  3. Faster – If you can resolve the issue outside of court, the process will go much faster. When cases go to court, you must wait for available court dates, which can take time.

Commercial litigation is the best way to solve a dispute you have with one of your vendors.

The Factors That Affect The Outcome

If there is a contract between the two parties, this will be the one piece of evidence the lawyers will use to settle the matter. A written contract is a valid legal document, but disputes often arise when the wording in a contract is not completely clear. The goal of commercial litigation is to ensure that both parties are following their ends of the deal.

The biggest problem arises when a contract is not exactly clear about the terms of an arrangement. For example, if your company had a contract to buy products strictly from another company, a problem might arise if there is not a time frame stated in the contract. You may think that the contract has ended, but the company you are buying from may disagree.

Settling the dispute might involve give and take from both parties, but this is better than taking the case to court where a judge or jury will be responsible for deciding the verdict.

If your company is having problems with another organization, you may need to use commercial litigation to solve it. To learn more, contact an attorney in your area that specializes in commercial litigation law.


23 July 2015

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