3 Critical Documents To Create During Estate Planning


While most people realize the importance of writing a will, there are other types of legal documents that many people fail to create as they plan their estates. Each of these documents is important for different reasons, and you should talk to your attorney to find out what these are and the benefits of each.

Power Of Attorney

If anything ever happened to you that left you unable to make decisions for yourself, what would happen? Well, if you prepare a power of attorney (POA) document with your lawyer, the person you name on the form will obtain the power and right to make decisions on your behalf. Generally, attorneys suggest creating two of these, which are for:

  • Finances – The person you name as power of attorney for financial purposes will gain the right to make financial decisions for you. This can include paying your bills, withdrawing money, and anything else that involves money management.
  • Medical purposes – The other type is a power of attorney for medical purposes. The person you name for this will have the right to make medical decisions for you.

Because power of attorney gives a person the power to make decisions, it is always wise to choose someone you really trust for these positions.

Medical Release Form

The second document to consider creating is a medical release form, or a release-of-information form. This document will come in handy if you become incapacitated and cannot make medical decisions. While your medical power of attorney could make decisions for you, this person may not have the right to obtain medical information about you.

If you hire your attorney to create this form for you, anyone you name on it will be able to legally obtain your medical records when needed.

Living Will

Finally, you should consider making a living will during your estate planning. A living will allows you to make decisions, in advance, about medical treatment that could be life-threatening. The main thing a living will does is let you express your decision about whether you want to be on life support or not. It also lets you choose if you want to be resuscitated or not, if you could end up in a vegetated state afterwards.

Thinking about your own death can be a morbid thought; however, it is important to plan for the future. To learn more about estate planning, contact a lawyer that offers these services.


25 March 2015

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